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Wow. I was a b*tch. Let me tell you about it.

ALLLLL weekend at San Diego Comic Con, people kept asking me what character I was and telling me I looked like people from things. I smiled politely and replied that I was just being myself, told them about lolita and such. This guy stepped in front of me, in a rude way and proceeded to tell me that I looked like I was someone from American Horror Story.

As I am a huge fan, I asked who. He told me the angel in the new preview. I don’t see how he came to that conclusion. We don’t really look alike. I’m covered in pastels hahaha 

I was kind of annoyed. He bothered me later in the day, yelling at me from a distance.

The next day a girl approached me and also said that I looked like someone from American Horror Story ….. I reacted badly.

I said C’mon no one looks like this in American Horror Story. Who? What character? Who in AHS looks LIKE THIS? I’ve watched all 3 seasons. No one looks like this!

She said oh no…uh I meant you look like that girl from the youtube parody, the lolita one.

Oh sweet mother of Baby the Stars Shine Bright…..she recognized me for who I actually am….I just gave her some spiel because I didn’t fully hear her out. I am a b*tch. I am a terrible person. I apologized a ton but still feel dumb and bad. This is why you can’t loose your patience with the public asking about lolita. That one person you don’t bother with or get annoyed might be someone genuinely interested in the fashion/community.


Someone took my pic with Lovelylor! She’s very sweet, a kind person. ^^

You’re so beautiful and kind! It was wonderful meeting you :) I hope I see you at more meetups!
I like bears 🐻
I haven’t seen @arinjade in so long!!! I loved her lumpy space inspired coordinate and she’s so much fun :)
Comic Con is over. I’ll be returning to my regular blogging soon ! ;)
SURPRISE! I was able to make it to the Comic Con Fashion Walk today! If you’re at SDCC and want to join, meet in the Marriott lobby at 2pm! There’s a back up if it rains too!
Mermaid lolita today  (at San Diego Comic-Con International)