I'm thinking about getting into Lolita, or "Brolita" cause I'm a guy. How often do you see males in Lolita at meets and gatherins and stuff?

All the time. Do you mean kodona or brolita? Kodona is an aristocrat male style of dress. Brolita is when a man wears women’s lolita clothing. Both are perfectly acceptable and well received within the community <3 


Kodona/Boystyle from left:Popkeiboyfriend, Monsterkun,Kuritofu


Kuritofu in Brolita. 

You should contact my friend Kuritofu, he can probably offer you a lot more advice on the topic since he is a boy who wears kodona and brolita :D I wish you the best of luck my friend! <3 


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