baconlita replied to your video: I washed a wig of mine earlier today that was…

Could you detail how you washed it? My friend just got her first wig and I don’t know which google resource to trust, if you get me.

I filled up a sink with cold water and added a liiiiiittle bit of fabric softner and I let it soak for….quite a long time hahaha I kind of forgot about it. Then I didn’t rinse it (which maybe you should but in this case it was REALLY BAD so I figured it needed the moisture) I toweled it until it was damp then hung it from a skirt hanger over my bathtub.

I know it isn’t a good idea to use actual hair products on your wigs because they are formulated for hair and synthetic wigs are essentially just plastic so overtime it can leave them a bit mildewy.

My friend Xanadu knows much much much much more about wig care than I do. She’s my go to for wig advice so you should ask her regarding specific wig care q’s. Good luck and I hope she enjoys her wig :)

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