• mszombi:

Girl on the top right reminds me of petitedeath

     I just got off work early and driving home on a side street I got stuck behind a slow car. I tolerated it for a bit but then gave up, put my turning signal on and changed lanes. As I was changing lanes, a car zooms up going way way WAYYY over the speed limit from the lane I was in crossing to the same lane I was going into. I continue driving as the speeding car horns me. I cross back over in front of slow car, back into my original lane.

    The car that was behind me, drives up beside me, matching my speed. I catch the guy in the corner of vision yelling and flailing his arms around. He follows beside me for a bit throwing this tantrum then zooms ahead.

    I notice we are approaching a red light and that my haunt box is beside me….open with my mask laying on top.

    I stop at the red light, quickly throw my mask on,turn my head and stare at him. He’s drinking a fast food soda and looking ahead. I continue to stare until he glances over, jumps, tosses soda in the air and mouths the words “WHAT THE FUCK?”
    I slowly cock my head to the side then look straight ahead. Light turns green I drive a little ways before removing my mask.

  • About an hour to rest between work shifts. I wish I was at Disneyland Lolita day
  • Anonymous asked: Please do more videos abot the scary knott's farm like last year's "monster diaries"!

    I will! I haven’t had time but I’m going to try to next week :) I recently got a gopro which will help a lot ! And I have to see what I’m allowed to film and not, I’d like to interview some of my fellow monsters