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angelic pretty crystal dream carnival & baby the stars shine bright ave maria ~heavenly princess and madonna lily <3
  • 2weaboo4u asked: Saw your recent vlog, congrats! I can't wait to see the show's episode~ c:

    awwww thanks for watching! yay I’m excited! I’m happy you’re excited too! I will post on facebook and here too as soon as I know when it will air :)

  • Anonymous asked: I'm really in love with the cute items on Yumetenbo, and especially lately they've had some very "lolita" inspired clothes. I was curious, as I'm not terribly thrilled by most Emily Temple Cute dresses, or Jane Marple or Milk or any of the other approved brands for lolitas on casual days, would some of the stuff on Yumetenbo be appropriate as a casual style for a lolita, even though it falls under gyaru territory?

    I hope this doesn’t sound rude, I mean no offense. I honestly think you should care less about what category clothes fall under. If you like something it doesn’t matter how it fits into anything else. You don’t need to have a name for your style or what you wear. When people try new things and push the limits,that’s when new trends and styles start! If you like it, get it, wear it and make it your own :)

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    watch this please

  • New vlog up! Watch it here!
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  • Anonymous asked: Hey lovely lor i recently dyed my hair blueish green and i wanna go blonde but my friends say because of my skin colour blonde will not look good on me and ik they mean well but what do u think ? Does blonde work with really tan skin (btw im Hispanic

    It doesn’t mattter what “works” you can make anything work! Decide for yourself if you think it looks good :) Don’t limit yourself because of skin tone. 

    BUT going blonde is a difficult and sometimes damaging process, this goes for anyone, any skin tone, any hair colour, Before dying your hair try out a wig or hold up a hair piece the colour you want to go and try to visualize it before you spend the money and process on your hair.

    Have a professional do it or at least consult one first. I used to bleach my own hair and at one point half of it broke off…now I have a professional do it and it’s grown a lot of length and is very healthy ! :D